The Limonar area

El Limonar, where Villa Elisa is located, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city.

Several of the most spectacular buildings in the neighborhood, were originally conceived as consular residences and summer villas for foreign families, and in the construction of many of them involved illustrious architects such as Fernando Guerrero Strachan or Manuel Rivera Vera, authors of the City Hall of Malaga.

Going up the Paseo Miramar we can see Villa Fernanda, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful houses in the city, which was built on part of the grounds of the Castle of Santa Catalina.

On its twin promenade, El Paseo Limonar (the Miramar up and the Limonar down), dazzle both the current College of Quantity Surveyors and the magnificent house located in El Limonar num 40.

The reference to the most stately buildings in Malaga would not be complete without mentioning the Colegio de El Limonar, whose main building is a beautiful expression of the buildings of the nineteenth century, as well as the current headquarters of the College of Architects: El Castillejo built in 1924 by Fernando Guerrero Strachan and located in Paseo de Las Palmeras.

A fishermen's neighborhood near you

Very close to our house in the opposite direction to the city center, you will find the beautiful enclave of the old Balneario de Los Baños del Carmen, today converted into a typical restaurant with its tables almost on the water, on the small boardwalk that protects them. An ideal place to enjoy wonderful sunsets. Right next to this emblematic place for all Malagueños, begins the Pedregalejo neighborhood. You can not miss it! Along its promenade, you will find a lot of restaurants, bars and beach bars where you can enjoy the local cuisine and sea views.

Both in the Balneario and in Pedregalejo you will be able to enjoy the most famous and characteristic speciality of Malaga's gastronomy: The espetos! Delicious sardines and other fish strung on reeds and grilled over coals arranged on boats stranded on the seashore. Pure tradition and pure delight!

Pedregalejo is an excellent choice to go for lunch or dinner, or just to have a drink, because besides having a huge range of restaurants and beach bars with spectacular views of the sea and the horizon, is characterized by its seafaring atmosphere, its narrow streets and typical houses of the area.

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